Who is Dr. Gosso?


The Dr. Gosso Collective is a project founded on the values of creativity, musical experimentation, exquisite attention to detail, and pinpoint execution of the clients' creative vision. Our work is revolved around providing you an innovation-driven blend of hypnotising electronics, mellow jazz, and vibrant rock, as well as constantly pushing the boundaries further in order to take you on our musical journey. We are strongly driven by an eagerness to learn and progress, which in turn shapes our approaches in research, production and delivery. 

Dr. Gosso's vision of sound extends to several sides of the creative process, ranging from sound design to mixing, with an aim of maintaining aesthetic consistency and delivering a highly-polished product. Our genuine aim is to make our client's vision come to life, and we make sure of it by tailoring our approach to every single project and idea. We always look up to new challenges, and are looking forward to hearing from you. 


Meet Us


Established in July 2018, the collective is comprised of four individuals - each one of us specialising in a particular field. We are all Audio Production & Sound Engineering graduates of SAE Institute London, with a number of various work experiences in the music industry, including:

- music composition, sound design and mixing for advertisements broadcasted worldwide and on mainstream channels such as BBC Global
- IMDb credits for sound design and post production for "What Would You Do?" and "Lane" 
- Our own Spotify music project 

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